Phono stage options - balanced with XLR both input and output...

I really like my Elac PPA-2, it's surprisingly good and has bested the few others I've tried.  I use XLR/balanced for input and output (for the first time with this one).

It is starting to glitch, and I am considering purchasing another one ('preowned'), but before I do wanted to check here what options you know of in terms of fully balanced phono stages with XLR input and output.


I confess lack of knowledge about the very latest ARC preamps. If the internal circuitry is balanced in the strict sense of that term, then I must apologize for conveying the wrong idea. Certainly classic ARC units were not balanced, eg, SP10, 11, etc.

went to ph2 website. Mea culpa. It’s balanced.

Hello mijostyn

It is my understanding now that the Aesthetixs I/O first stage is SE not balanced. Therefore the reason for using a SE cable.

‘I wish manufacturers would stop putting XLR/Balanced connectors on equipment that’s not truly balanced. I don’t see any benefit in doing that. It is my understanding that the I/O does have a true Balanced output.

Sorry for the confusion on my part.