Phono Stage Recommendation $3000

Hi Guys
Want to upgrade my Phono Stage. 
Currentky I have 2 TTs, a Project Debut Carbon with a Denon DL 103R paired to a Project Tube Box DS. My second TT is a Clearaudio Preformence DC with a Dynavector Karat D17 paired to an Avid Pellar. Rest of my equipment is B&W 800d, Classe CTM 600, Ayre KX-R. As most of my system I would like a tube phono if possible and 2 Inputs if at all doable. 
I also called Keith and ordered my VTPH-2 directly from him.

-- Al
Two SS phono stages that i have used are the ZYX artisan and the RCM sensor II and both in this price range (or close). I used the ZYX with my UNIverse cartridge on my Maplenoll Apollo for several years, but when got my UNIverse ll, i moved on to the RCM Sensor II. Both are very solid phono stage, quiet noise floor and IMO work well with moving coil cartridges. the ZYX does not have any adjustments but the RCM allows for Capacitance and Gain adjustments. Interestingly, the RCM Sensor is from a Polish company that specializes in tube amplifiers. Just a thought in your price range 
Pass labs just released.the XP-17 phone preamp and have used for few weeks and am very pleased.

It has tremendous PRAT and very open dynamics and deep bass with my pass labs integrated 250 amp and harbeth 40.2 speakers.
I have currently a Clearaudio Basic +
Will the JC3 (standard) be significantly better ?