Phono stage thoughts for Benz Micro Ruby Z

I'm getting to the final stages of my summer long LP12 upgrade project, and have taken a mid 80s stock LP12 and put in better bearing, subchassis, psu, tonearm, etc.  It already sounds, even running the old cart that was on my Rega RP6, a Dynavector 20X2L.

The final piece is now in UPS, on it's way here:  a Benz Micro Ruby Z

My initial plan is to try it in the Dynavector P75 Mk4 that has been a wonderful pairing with the Dynavector 20X2L in Dr. T (current) mode.  

1) Anyone run a Benz Micro with the P75 in that model and have experiences to share?

2) Am I potentially underutilizing the Ruby Z if keeping it on that phono?  What are other alternatives (let's stay below $4K, even that is a reach) I should be considering? Things that have caught by eye in past:
Pass Labs XP15/17
Lehmann Decade
Herron VTPH-2 (would have to be used to fit budget)
Sutherland phonos
Zesto Andros 1.2 (again, would have to be used)

But I have no actual experience with any of those, or even more specifically with a Benz Micro – so would appreciate any other thoughts.

(Rest of system: Naim 282/250/ATC19s w/ JLAudio e110 sub)

Thanks, much appreciated for insight – and good to get reinforcing positive feedback on the Herron!
Just to update thread – got the Ruby Z installed on the LP12 today.  Because it is being built in my office system (Naim SN2 / ProAc Tablette 10s in near field) until done and moving to living room, first listen was via the phono setup there:  Denon AU-320 SUT (set to 40ohm) and Mofi Studio Phono (MM setting). 

A $500 budget combo that is already sounding stunning with the cart.  Go figure... now it all feels like upside.