Phono Stage_Skoll-by Schiit Audio

Following assessment of newly released Phono Stage by Schiit Audio.

I installed it today.  It is replacing a Conrad-Johnson EF-1 phono stage I have owned since 2003.  I have a tendency to hang on to quality components....

The first thing I noticed with the Skoll P.S. is zero noise floor with no music playing and the pre-amp and amp running open in the background!  My C-J unit added a noticeable low frequency hum to my speakers. (not noticeable when music was playing.)  

The second thing I noticed was how clean the music sounded.  This was immediately noticeable.  Instruments stand out like never before.

This Schiit phono stage is the real deal!  I'm impressed and very happy I made this purchase!  Your folks did a really nice job on the design and build of this unit, and it shows!   This is the best $400 dollars I've spent on audio equipment!  I believe it is worth more.  Great value! 

I could not leave any comments or an appraisal of this unit on your web site, but feel free to post this as you can!

Warmest Regards,

Lou Oniga


Well, hello crew, I'm back after listening for a few weeks.  No doubt this Schiit phono stage sounds better than the C-J EF1.  Hands down.  Not sure how they can build and sell such a fine unit for $400, but they managed!

December 12th.  Still impressed with the  Schiit phono stage!  No complaints.  Definitely sounds better than the C-J unit it replaced.

If you're looking for a high quality, lower cost solution for a Phono Stage, this be the one!!  

@quincy Thanks for this thread, I happen to be shopping phono stages at this time. Do you have any criticisms, even minor ones, of this device?

I think you should sell me the broken defective hummer of a   CJ phono stage….i am serious

You might want to read founders book Schitt Happened.. it’s a fun read and will give you insights into how they do what they do for very good value…

Enjoy the music

Tom, I promised my youngest daughter (an aspiring audiophile) that I would gift  the C-J unit to her.  If not for that, I would have sold it to you .

Schiit AI says it's ok to leave the phono on all the time.  The C-J unit did not have any power switch and was on for 20+ years; and both utilize MOSFET's , as I recall, so most likely ok??

It (Schiit) runs on the warm side, not hot, warm, so I'm a little anal about leaving it on.  It has a power switch on the back, which is hard to find.

Really  nit picky... I know.