Phonostage question ...

Now that I have made my decision on a new analog set-up, (Avid Volvare, Tri-Planar arm, Helicon cart), to replace my Nottingham Interspace w/Dynavector Karat, I was thinking wheather I should consider upgrading my Rogue Stealth phonostage.

I've got a Rogue amp/pre and the synergy works well with the Stealth and Interspace. I've yet to try it with the new stuff (which is coming). I don't have an opportunity to audition phonostages.

Now that I've entered a higher level, what should I think of phonostage wise? Is the reward worth the $$$? Should I stick with the Rogue? Thanks for any ideas.
You may want to check out the Hagerman Trumpet phono with S&B transformer. The combination will run around $2800 and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This way you could do a direct comparison with the Rogue and return the Hagerman if it does not suit you. Once you have heard the Trumpet though it is unlikely that you would want to return it.
I would concur with those that suggested hear your new system first and listen to it for a while. It will permit you to have a better idea of what you have. Having said that you will likely then want to hear better stages but at least you will have a starting point to compare with. There are a multitude of very good stages out there.
I have just gone through this exercise and the difference was enormous.
Thanks for the help. I will stick with my present phonostage for a while and hear what's what. I've already started reading up on all your suggestions. Thanks again.