Phonostage with dual inputs?

I find it convenient when running 2 turntables[one with MC the other with MM] to be able just to push a button and play them off against each other. Problem is, my Musical Fidelity M1Vinyl phonostage goes to the shop sometimes for 6 weeks at a time for repair. Any ideas about a back up phonostage around $500 or less with separate MM and MC inputs to use when the Musical Fidelity is on the fritz?
Only the Jasmine 2.5 will do 2 MM or 2 MC or one of each. Has anyone put the Jasmine 2.5 against the Jasmine 2.0? Besides the additional inputs (which I don't need) are the caps and other components better sounding with the 2.5?

On a different forum, someone recently mentioned an ARC MCP-2 (IIRC) that has multiple inputs and flexible loading options.
Boofer...I have the 640, which does support LOMC. I run a Denon 301 II through it. I would assume the newer 651 does as well.
TO Secretguy: Thanks so much; you have nudged me in the right direction, in that the MC side of the backup phonostage is in fact a Denon301II, while the MM side will be serviced by a Clearaudio Virtuoso!