Piano black polish and refinish

Is there a kit or a very good tutorial for the "normal man" to fix/repair/refinish piano black speakers?  I figured surely there's a good kit with the right compounds and etc made for pianos but the only real advice I've seen is a complete rebuild or taking it to a car paint shop.


I can't think of a more difficult color to match than black.  

The good news is that in the hands of proper cabinet maker, gloss black with lots of coats of lacquer/polyurethane etc, is easier to repair than satin.  BUT it also easier to screw up massively.  I urge experimenting on the back or someplace you cannot see it.  I would hunt down the local cabinet maker who understands piano black.  



+1.  Gloss black is the most difficult to maintain. The actual 'color' of the black used is critical. Yes, some blacks are 'blacker' than others. They're not all the same.

The size of the scratches will dictate how aggressive the buffing compound needs to be. It may require a very fine 'wet' sanding to get deeper scratches out. (Maguires has 2000 and even 3000 grit papers.) Some maybe too deep to buff. Word of caution... if you are too aggressive and go through the clear coat there's NO going back.

If it's bad I would probably repaint it. 

Good Luck!


I know the ATC piano black- which has 10 hand done coats of clear coat over black is pretty easy to maintain over time. It tends to show micro scratches, but are easy to buff out. Those 10 coats give you a pretty thick layer of laquer to work with well before the black itself. Some of the modern finishes called "piano black" that I see on low cost speakers or subs, especially chinese built cabinets, are not clear coats over black but high gloss black paint. This finish is very different from traditional piano black and as @gdaddy1 says, not easy to repair or maintain. Its neither thick nor has any "protective layer" on it. Shiny black paint is impossible to spot repair.

I use Novus products.

They have 3 levels of cleaning/buffing removing scratches etc. products. However, they will not "fix" damage.