pickering cartriidge xv 15 any good.

i have this to try  what do  you think?  thanks-
Fantastic cartridge! It is the equivalent of the Stanton 681 which was used to master many records back then. There are a lot of options as far as replacement stylus with a many decent after market ones. Give it a try and you will be surprised...
BTW the XV15 was never the cheapest of the Pickering. On the contrary it was top of the line, till it was replaced by other models.

Your statement is false and seems like you don’t know the Stanton/Pickering models very well. It might be fantastic cartridge for you, but it reality it’s not a fantastic cartridge at all. Just a mediocre entry level cartridge that you can buy for $50 today.

Stanton 881s mkII (Stereohedron nude stylus) has been used for mastering by people like Doug Sax, not the lower 681s EEE with bonded Elliptical stylus.

But even 881s mkII wasn’t the top model (today price is about $300-400), there was 980 ans 981 models above the 881s. These 3 models are great, but the 980 and 981 are High-End even today. The price for each of them is double compared to 881s. The main differense of those 3 models is Stereohedron Stylus tip.

The pickering equivalent to Stanton 881s, 980 and 981 are Pickering XSV-3000, XSV-5000, XSV-7500. Any of them are worth the investment today. The stylus on all of them is Nude Stereohedron.

More information about Pickering line:

And about XV-15 models:

About Stanton Pickering Cartridge-Stylus Compatibility:

@chakster, I do not know why I am wasting my time with you, (your rudeness does not really warrant a response), but I guess the internet is full of misinformation and we do not need more... Before any of the models you mention were around, the XV15 and Stanton 681 were an industry reference. Stanton 681eee MkII for instance had a stereohedron tip
The last iteration, the mkIII was elliptical. At that time, I believe that the 881 had replaced the 681 as the reference in the Stanton lineup.
The 681eee was hand-selected and carefully matched by Stanton. it was an upgrade from the otherwise similar 680 body. The XV15 was also similar (Pickering was a sister company) but had different styli. the XV15 625, 750, 1200 ( I believe there was also a 1800) were all top of the line at a given time. These are interchangeable between the 680s and the XV15, with the caveat that at some point Stanton and Pickering implemented a change in the angle of the bodies. This will result in the wrong VTA if one does not have the correct stylus. These are great sounding cartridges. Is there better? Yes, there always is...
The fact that these cartridges became linked to DJs for obvious marketing reasons late in the history of these glorious companies does not change the above statements.You are welcome to believe what you want to believe about the sound of these cartridges, I could care less. If you indeed think they are trash, please send me all your records that have been mastered with a 681... I will happily relieve you of that burden. The OP already has the cartridge. It is worth a try IMHO. He or she could easily make up his/her own mind. My answer to the original post is that it will take real money to better this cartridge if it has a top stylus (even the elliptical 625 is quite good).

It must be the economy; not long ago cartridges of that nature would not even be discussed in this forum.