pickering cartriidge xv 15 any good.

i have this to try  what do  you think?  thanks-
Pickering XV and Stanton 680 series are Moving Iron cartridges. The ones you keep mentioning are MM. The styli are not interchangeable between the two. Really Chakster, it is OK to acknowledge that you have not heard these cartridges with their top styli, nobody will think less of you (maybe). Anyway, like I said, I am wasting my time. Hopefully the OP or anyone else will be adventurous enough to try this cartridge, they will be pleasantly surprised. Maybe you should give it a try too...
Dear @fsellet @stevecham @rocky1313 : Of course you are rigth, the XV 15 and the 681 were not entry level cartridges but ignorance is what makes some one to open his mouth with no single idea about.

Even the XV15 has two models with Stereohedron stylus tip and the 681 you named is really good been a moving iron design when the XV15 is a moving magnet but both are really good.

@orpheus10 " It must be the economy; not long ago cartridges of that nature would not even be discussed in this forum. "

not exactly, in reality because our ignorance levels about ( mine included. ). Years go discovered for me the MM/MI lterntive and started tht today so long MM thred in this forum.
Exist truly humble MM/MI/IM vintage cartridges that puts on shame many today designs including some LOMC designs. I know you are not interested in analog/LP but anyway read the ADC 26/27 tread/review:


Btw, I enjoy both mediums: digital and analog.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

V15 was the entry level cartridge for Pickering, not the XV15. None of the styli I mentioned was a bonded elliptical. I suggest Google: it is a useful source of information for people who do not know the facts.

Your source for information is full of errors and i have no idea why do you trust it.

Stanton "EEE" styli are Elliptical as i said, all entry level cartridges have Bonded (not Nude) styli, there are better styli available from Stanton/Pickering as an upgdade, but those carts are MI and not all styli are compatible.

Stereohedron styly market with "S" in the model number, not with "E". I would recommend you to look at the diamond under macro lens.

Go to this page and download original manual for Pickering XV15 and Brochure for XV-15 and try to find ANY Stereohedron stylus in the list of different styli for this model of Pickering XV15. You will find Conical and Elliptical ONLY. Cheap styli are all BONDED.

I have posted a link for ALL Stanton Pickering Cartridge-Stylus Compatibility in my FIRST post here, so what are you trying to say to me? Here is a link again: https://www.kabusa.com/STANTONX.HTM

I’ve heard this cartridge 15-20 years ago along with many other entry level Stanton cartridges (MM or MI). The only difference between me and you is that i have upgraded to the top Stanton / Pickering over the years.  

Dear @fsellet : As you said don’t waste your time. Ignorance levels always speaks for any one of us:


and every day is a learning one if we are willing to learn.

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