pickering cartriidge xv 15 any good.

i have this to try  what do  you think?  thanks-
Dear @fsellet : As you said don’t waste your time. Ignorance levels always speaks for any one of us:


and every day is a learning one if we are willing to learn.

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Even the XV15 has two models with Stereohedron stylus tip

The STEREOHEDRON stylus is always marked "S" - this is what i said. While the other poster pointed me to the "EEE" styli and claimed they are Stereohedron, but "E" is for Elliptical only. If the OP has XV-15 with rare Stereohedron tip (which i doubt) then it's better for him that any Spherical or Elliptical. 


Now you both are better to talk to each other, because your opinions are contradict to each other regarding XV-15 being MM or MI , pretty funny, one of you pretedning to be an expert.


@rauliruegas ... and the 681 you named is really good been a moving iron design when the XV15 is a moving magnet but both are really good.


@fsellet ... Pickering XV and Stanton 680 series are Moving Iron cartridges. The ones you keep mentioning are MM.

Maybe eventually you will buy a XV 750 or 1200 and listen to it. Then you will know...

Stanton was my first cartridge i’ve bought myself many decades ago, so i’m very well experienced with products of this brand. In 2019 i’m not gonna buy any cartridge that was the highest stanrard in the 60’s or ently level models from the 70’s when many superior cartridges from the 80’s available from the same brand.

Why do you think i need any of the inferior models now if i have signature Stanton SC-100 WOS with Sapphire coated cantilever and Stereohedron II nude diamond ? This is my favorite Stanton cartridge by far. I also had Stanton 980 low impedance version. These are the best cartridges made by Stanton if you don’t know. Those cartridges never had anything, but nude Stereohedron or Stereohedron II diamonds.

As for the Pickering i like low impedance XLZ/4500S right now.

And from a bunch of cheaper models i enjoyed Stanton 881 mkIIs and Pickering XSV-3000 and they are best buy in my opinion of the budget is tight.

Not sure where you came from on this forum, but in the other threads you will find many pictures of my personal cartridges with some nice images of the diamonds on my macro lens.

Personally, i have MI cartridges (Grado Signature XTZ and ADC TRX-2), but i prefer my MM over MI, because i like the sound, not a type of cartridge.

Argument from authority (argumentum ad verecundiam)? Congratulation Chakster for owning the best. Now is the time for you to stop buying cartridges otherwise your best will soon become trash...As for your experience: everyone can judge based on this thread.