pickering cartriidge xv 15 any good.

i have this to try  what do  you think?  thanks-
After a moderator removed some of my posts i will leave this thread.
Especially when Mexican start posting his BS again, vinylengine is not a good source and full of mistakes when it comes to cartridge specs, styli types and some other information. This is the last source i will take seriously if i can’t see the scan of the original manual with correct data.

I believe the Mexican doesn’t understand which type of cartridge the XV-15 really is (MM like stated on your vinylengine or MI? This is a first thing to start with). The information on vinyl engine (except for the real scans of the actual manuals) is wrong for many cartridges, people have no idea what they are posting on vinyl engine database, it’s an open source and no one cares to correct the mistakes in techical data coming from other members.

What is more important is that you have no idea which stylus profile the OP has on his XV15, if this profile is conical this is a bad news, it it’s bonded elliptical this is a bad news, if for some reason someone already purchased a better stylus with better profile to add on mediorce cartridge body then it can be Stereohedron, only with this profile this entry level cartridge can benefit and will be able to reproduce records in a good way with less record wear and much wider frequency response.

But most likely the profile by default is the cheapest conical or bonded elliptical. It will be very hard to find a NOS Stereohedron stylus replacement.

It’s so funny, but as i can see someone is very sensitive to my words and always report moderator for abusive content, ok you will get the same in return and we will see how it works. 

I just got a vintage Empire 598 turntable with a Pickering XV-15/750E cart. I run into a McIntosh c2700 tube pre that will only let me set the loading to 250pf or 300pf but not the 275pf in the cart specs. Not sure how to set this? I can also go even higher 350/400 and up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Advice: choose 250 or 300pF and decide which you like best. Then forget about it. Odds are you won’t hear much difference.