Picking Speakers 20k-30k

Recently built a HiFi System with much help from this site, now I’m looking at upgrades.  Strongly considering an all-Aavik system but looking at speaker options before I pull the trigger on anything, hence the following question: If you were buying new speakers in the 20-30k range (used or new), what’s on your shortlist?  Bonus points if you have suggestions based on synergy with Aaviks electronics.

If it helps the conversation: 21’X 19’ treated listening room with cathedral ceiling. Listen to a wide variety of music.

thanks for your expertise!




i am not sure where you are located? The dealer was right on with the YG summit they are not shipping yet. I do know a dealer local to me that has a pair of Rockport Atria II on consignment right now. These would be awesome speakers in the price range that you are looking. 
I used to own a pair of Atria II and they are incredible speakers. You might want to look at the Magico A5 as well. I did have a pair of Rockport Cygnus for a brief while and they are incredible speakers. I am not sure you can find them used at the price point you are looking at. It is rare to see Rockports show up on the used market. 


I am down in the Chicago area. The Rockport dealer is here in Palatine. The shop is The Audio Experience. 

@brewerslaw Call GTT Audio tell Bill that Don Haines sent you. He is the biggest YG dealer in the country.