Piece of Audio gear you regret selling

Hello friends,

I just like to ask you all about one thing?
Was there ever a piece of audio equipment that you folks regret selling becouse it simply was sounding so good.
A pair of Chartwell LS3/5As. They were sweet. I sold them to get my first pair of Magnepans.
A Rek-O-Kut B-12H TT I had when I was 15. I got it in the Pennysavers (shows how old I am now, eh?). I had never heard of it but my Dad said to grab it. Don't even remember what happened to it but it sounded great! I see them now for 1000 bucks. I think I paid about 50!
Had a Classé DR3-VHC. Once a non-audio oriented friend thought it was a fireplace!!! LOL. Boy did it sound nice though. I know the new owner still has it.
The only gear I regret selling was my very first transaction which put me on the path of Audiogon, etc. - a pair of ADS L810's in mint cond. However, I will give an honorable mention to a CAT Ultimate MkII with CD taper volume that I sold a couple of years ago. Honestly, I can live without either since the gear I have now makes the best music I have heard in my house.
Not just a piece of gear but my entire house that contained the BEST sounding room I have ever had. I have never had another room come close to that. Early 80's, I had it made and haven't been able to get it back.