Piega P-10...one of the best available....

regardless of price?

While I haven't heard every and all high-end speaker systems on the planet, I really took a giant step towards nirvana this weekend when I hooked up a new pair of Piega P-10's. This speaker easily blows away my former ML Prodigy and Revel Salons. All in a much small cabinet and for half the price, based on what I paid.

Thanks to Audiogoners Calloway and JTinn for helping to lead me to these fine musical instruments.

My Classe CAM 350's are doing the job and any grain, glare, beaming and harshness is gone. The bass on the Salons was bloated at best. The Piega's just go deep AND get it right. The mids and highs sound realistic and seem to have the air/clarity that I heard on the 'stats.

Anyone else had similar experiences in trying several loudspeakers before reaching the summit? If you're comments are about the Piega's, please tell me/us about what amplification/speaker cables you're using. thanks
What you can get them for now,I would agree with your statement.If you base it off the original retail,I think there was some competetion.I have like them very much and the only fault I have found with them is they seem to "sizzle" in the upper end.Could be matching components and cables is critical.Glad you love them
I agree and it is a steal at the used price compared to the prices of other so called highend speakers. It was the best sounding speaker in my room at the time. Resolution is ultra good and there may a sizzle on poor recorded material and the wrong cables. If you enjoy the p-10 wait till your hear the C-10 ltd
I own a pair of P10s since last year and I am quite happy with them. I miss having spikes a little because the speaker is difficult to stabilize. They seem to me to have less than 89n dbs sensitivity as they need real power. How have you set the switches in the back?. The back firing tweeter seems to make little difference in my set up. Thanks