Pinched Waist 7062/E180CC

I've been searching for these tubes for a while with no luck.

Would you know know who would sell these rare tubes I would like to try them on my Exemplar 2900 CDP
Your right.

These tubes were never produced in mass, and finding them is quite tough...perhaps impossible.

I did find one guy that has them :

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Thanks Paul
The prices seem cheap .almost too cheap what does a pair of good condition PW 7062 run ?
The rarity can dictate the price...but these are not in the demand that the pinched waist 7308 tubes command. $50 for NOS is in line...but one could charge as high as $100. Get NOS if you can...the testing out as good usually means a tube that is in decline and the decline is never linear, rather accelerated toward the end of the life span of a tube.

Also consider 5965 and 6829 tubes. Both (like the 7062) have a lower mu, resulting in low a 5751 is t0 a 12ax7. Another tube that is rare, but worth hunting for is the Sylvania gold brand 6201...same as a 12at7, but military/industrial specs and amazing liniarity and a fvorite in DACs, Headfi set ups and tube CDs.

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I recently bought a pair of matched Amperex 7062 pinched waist tubes from Andy at Vintage Tube Services for $46 each. It's best to reach him by phone at 616-454-3467. BTW, he's the one who coined the term "pinched waist".