Pink Floyd Aficionados

So as we progress on our audiophile journey one of the greatest rewards is hearing something new in a recording that we've never heard before; at least it is for me.

I have heard Animals easily a hundred times since it's release.

This has to do with the Sheep track.

I placed a new to me preamp in the chain recently. In the last 20 seconds there is a ghost vocal that I had never heard. Originally it was 4 notes which were indistinguishable but clearly there. 

Even more recently I upgraded my speakers from Von Schweikert VR4 Jrs to VS VR4 SRMKIII. Now those same notes, while still indistinguishable, have expanded to what seems to be a shepherd faintly directing the flock from a distance.

Has anyone else heard these? I know there are more resolving systems than mine by a wide margin so my question is does it become even more resolved to the point of being able to make out the words?


Can't say that I have been that in tune but will definitely give it a go the next time that I spinning Animals.  Love that album.  Perfect to put int the CD player of the car while on a long drive.

@jastralfu I start picking it up in the last 20-25 seconds and becoming more apparent 15 seconds or less.

@ricmci I certainly hope you don't hear it on your car stereo! It would shatter my admiration of my home stereo!

Are you certain you weren’t listening to the recently released version (2022) with significantly changed mixing? It’s fabulous, but make sure your changes weren’t from the source itself. 

You don’t mention if you were listening to vinyl, CD, SACD (the version I have), or streaming. If you streamed it I can almost guarantee that’s the remix.