Pink Floyd reunion

I read and heard about a Pink Floyd reunion with the fouor original members, anyone hear that, too? I love Pink Floyd. I wonder if this reunion will be recorded. I saw Pink Floyd once, the David Gilmore version, but I have always wanted to see the full blown version. It would be great if their reunion prompted a world tour. I might even buy one of the high priced tickets on sale these days to see that show. And you know they would the show tickets will be pricey.
Whilst you can never discount this one off sparking something I would think in all probability it'll remain just that a one off.

Gilmour has been fantastically generous to charities in recent years by giving away tens of millions, he's had several digs at people like McCartney to match his donations.
Waters is too very interested in human rights etc. and probably remains friendly with Bob Geldof (they worked together on The Wall movie and got on well).

This cause and these factors have probably been the main catalyst and not a desire to make music again.
Anyone know what the initial argument between RW and the rest of Pink Floyd is about?
Money!! the root of all evil and the use of the Pink Floyd name...haha...Oh well, we have P Diddy, 50 cents, and a huge comeback in the likes of Will Smith for our Philly G 8 bash.
Basically the band slowly fragmented-they all openly admit that WYWH was the last album they actually worked together in a band sense.
Waters by becoming the main writer and leader became the very reason why Floyd continued and split.By the time of Final Cut Waters had obtained total control and the relationships that were strained had all but ended.
The band relied on Waters coming up with the concepts/songs and he assumed total control as much out of neccesity as ego.

Waters made the fatal mistake of underestimating the bands name and went to great lengths to try and stop them continuing using it-he effectively quit after The Final Cut thinking it would finish the band.

If you listen to the music it's all in there-The Wall has some very obvious Waters only moments but is balanced by quite Floyd sounding moments.
The Final Cut sounds like a Waters solo piece and by and large is.

Faults on all sides but the bitterness runs deep between Gilmour and Waters.
It was in Monday's USA Today. I forget where they are playing and I think it is for one show only, a good cause that was enough for them to put aside their differences.

That is my take from a brief reading before work this morning...