Pink Floyd reunion

I read and heard about a Pink Floyd reunion with the fouor original members, anyone hear that, too? I love Pink Floyd. I wonder if this reunion will be recorded. I saw Pink Floyd once, the David Gilmore version, but I have always wanted to see the full blown version. It would be great if their reunion prompted a world tour. I might even buy one of the high priced tickets on sale these days to see that show. And you know they would the show tickets will be pricey.
Having been only one year old in 1981, it excites me to see them together live, even if I will only see them on TV.

There's just something about watching it when you can consciously remember what's going on.
Well it will be great to see them together again. I saw the Delicate Sound and Pulse tours and what a show. Everything else pales by comparison. Hopefully they will make a DVD of the show and offer it for sale. As far as Waters goes I think Radio K.O.A.S. was a work of genious. But don't discount the work Gilmour, Wright and Mason have done without Waters.
pray they get greedy and start thinking about what ridiculous amount of money they could make on a world tour
I don't know about the others but D Gilmour is pretty well off. A few years ago he donated a 14 million dollar mmansion that he owned in the US to charity.
and i hate to be the broken record, but let's not discount the fact that syd barrett laid the groundwork for the band, and that they used the template that he formed to build on. not to take anything away from waters, but i think people underestimate just how much of a mark syd left on the band, even after he left the band.