Pink Floyd's Pulse DVD finally

Didn't see anything posted yet but I know sometimes there is an 8 hour moderator "approval" first. Anyway, after many delays it's out and sounds and looks spectacular. Run don't walk to the nearest Best Buy or whatever. The nice saleslady even handed me a free lithograph for being one of the first. Enjoy.
Went to BestBuy to get a copy of Pulse and saw only 4:3, does anybody know if there's a widescreen (16:9) version? Thanks.
I ordered mine on last Fall I think. It finally arrived yesterday. I've had a chance to watch the first 30 min so far and agree with the reviews above. It's a must have - and beyond the quality seen in the first 30 min of the main concert it looks like there's a tond of bonus content.

As for Aspect ratio - mine is 4:3 and it says that's what the show was recorded in. I'm not sure there's a 16:9, but will it be any better than the conversion your set can do on it?
i got mine. great sound and video. took me back to when i saw them in concert about 12 years ago. Rest in peace Syd Barret.

i especialy like the audio setup. can someone tell me if this pink noise test will tell me ref level for my system.

at -5dB my center ch reached 85dB on my rat shack meter. my sub was 9dB below their recommended level but seems high durring movies.
I finally had a chance to play the remainder of disc 2 tonight. Holy sh@%!! The light show and guitar solo on "Comfortably Numb" will blow your mind.

The problem with this video is my wife complains that the whole house is shaking ;-)