Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Ruins the Song ‘Money’!


'Acid casualty'? You seem to be confusing Roger Waters with Syd Barrett.  And while Roger might be pleased to be described as 'sixty- something', he passed that age demographic a long, long time ago. 

If you wrote a song as good as Money, you would earn the right to ruin it.

Instead, you’ve got peanut gallery snark.

Roger Waters is one of the bravest most outspoken voices of the entire rock era.

He regularly puts his views and reputation on the line unlike most others who are quite happy to sit back and admire their bank balance and investments.

Waters is more John Lennon to Gilmour's Paul McCartney.

You are free to like one or the other, or shock horror, even both. It's not Roger's fault if you've misunderstood him all these years.

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People don't like artists who make waves or make them feel uncomfortable about the moral choices of the society around them. Ironically, that's what makes them interesting in the first place, but push it just a little bit and the punishment is swift. Not pointing a finger at anyone here but it happens all the time.

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters has used a speech to the United Nations to repeat his controversial claim that Russia's invasion of Ukraine was "provoked".

long story short, he is an idiot, uncomfortable with facts and the truth