Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Ruins the Song ‘Money’!


It's his song and he can do what he likes to it......

the same as its your ears and you can choose what you listen to with it.....

I personally don't like the new version so I will not listen to it again.

It's really as simple as that!

Pink Floyd is like a gourmet meal, thoughtfully prepared, well balanced and properly presented.


Roger Waters is like being force fed an all you can eat buffet, coarsely prepared, unbalanced, ultimately unsatisfying.   

If this kind of thing drags you down I recommend becoming more of a Moody Blues fan.   It's never too late.

I’ve seen Roger Waters last two concert productions.  I found the shows to be incredibly entertaining.  It must have cost a fortune to produce that show.  There are a number of musicians I like that have opinions I don’t agree with. I can usually ignore that if the music moves me.  This is the closest we will get to seeing Pink Floyd. I will say this, Roger’s pronouncements and imagery during the show could offend sensitive souls from across the spectrum. Among others, he went after Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden. But it was one helluva show.