Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Ruins the Song ‘Money’!


@mgolpoor ,

You may want to re-read my post.

It clearly states the band members contributions to the song went well beyond simply playing their parts. There’s nothing irrelevant about it.

Also, no one said anything about not liking the remake simply because they don’t like Roger Waters as a person. Most of your post is counter pointing a point no one made.


I do leave him alone, since the stories broke about his (alleged?) pedophile tendencies, I have not watched anything from him.


Your post questions if the allegations are correct but you appear to believe they are.

So don't forget to purge your memory of every Woody Allen film you have watched in your entire life.  And Mr Spacey while you are about it.  And all the others.

Just to be sure.

@clearthinker I am a hypocrite. If Allen’s movies were so awesome, I would still watch them. Phil Spector was a murderer and I still listen to his songs during Christmas. The irony!

But to stay on subject, the reason I also don’t watch Allen’s stuff is that his pedophilia - to me - comes across in several of his movies. (And again, I wasn’t there, so who knows.) All we know is that the facts make me cringe about the Soon-Yi story, it is as creepy and predatory and despicable as it gets.

You see, if you had let it be, we wouldn’t have dragged it out, again.

@grislybutter   I like most of Allen's work over the last 20 years or so.  It is much more varied than his first 30 years film making.  Since you haven't seen them, you will be pleased to learn that so far as I remember there were no under 21s appearing so any alternative action must have taken place off camera.

As for Mr Spector, after a few listenings I could do without his wall of sound that was far too samey and ruined George Harrison's masterpiece album and also a Leonard Cohen LP amongst a lot of others.  It is a strange world today's youth live in where murder isn't too much of a problem (think gang killings in the USA and Latin America and stabbings in the UK) but the merest negative comment against black lives, LBGT+++++++++ad naus and Me Too are the grave sins of the day.

Ho hum