Pink Floyd The Wall--Which vinyl?

I have the opportunity to purchase early 80's Japanese vinyl in NM vinyl and Ex cover for about $40. I see that there is a new Capitol remaster for about $44. The new remaster has mixed reviews at Acoustic Sounds but some say it is better than the 80's Japanese and CBS (I think half speed).

Has anyone compared the two? I guess I could by both to compare and maybe sell the loser but I would rather not.
You can buy an orig us pressing for 1/4 that...and decide if its good enough....I certainty can...although I do have multiple digital short....hard to.find a bad v of this classic...
The original sounds great if you can find a nice clean one. It's hard to imagine a reissue sounding better. If it's a favorite title of yours though why not try both?
IMHO, the CBS/Sony Japan Pro Use, is the best copy of this title that I have heard. I know it fetches big bucks, although that doesn't really mean it's the best, but I think so.