Pioneer dv 868avi AudiocomUK Mods

I´d like to know the opinon of all Gon´s members about my Mods adventure with Mark Bartlett of
I trusted Mark, the man, after few mails where he explain the law of deminisched return and strong recommended the level 4 mods for my Pioneer Dvd(this DVD in Europe cost 1280€ and now is no more up to date)
The mods costed 1800€ tax and shipping included and I have already payed,they charged my Visa in March.
I shipped my unit in date,March,15 2006.
I received my unit back in November,9, 2006, almost 7 months!!.I plugged the unit and finally I expected to hear a wonderfull sound I heard only a hiss coming from the speakers, I opened the unit up and I discovered that the only mods are a new converter and a small regulators in the PWR supply.
I sent the unit back telling that was defective and that i payed a level 4 mod and I got a level 1 mod, I sent him links of two famous US modders to compare the mods.
Now I haven´t received my unit back yet.
I was always patient I called and write Mr. Bartlett in a nice and civil way but now I´m really upset, it´s not fear and legally correct to wait 9 months for that.
Any opinion about the law of the deminisching return?