Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD

Hello, I have the Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD. When I hooked up this player to my receiver and to the TV, I getting very grainy and fuzzy picture quality when using HDMI connection. Watching blu-ray movies looks great but NOT regular DVD movies though.

If I hook it up from the player to TV, it might improve picture quality. But the problem is that I can not get DTS-HD Master Audio if I am not using HDMI cables correct? Can I still get DTS-HD Master Audio sound format if I am using either coaxial or optical cables?

Thanks for any advice!!!
I think I would call Pioneer, distributor and/or place where you bought it. Something doesn't sound right.
No, regarding DD-HD and DTS-HD sound via the coax or optical digital out. HD sound will only transmit over the HDMI output.
well, that isn't entirely true. dig optical or coax has enough bandwidth for 2 channels of hd audio.
I tried to connect the player to the TV and see no difference. There might be a few problems why the regular DVD movies don't look so good.

1. I am testing out a DVD movie that was made about 13 years ago. "Twister" with Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt.

2. My TV does not put out 1080p. My TV I believe puts out only 720p or 1080i.

3. I am using stock HDMI cables that came with the player. I ordered Monster Cable and see if it will make a difference.

The blu-ray movies looks really good though. Than again, all blu-ray movies will always looks better than a regular DVD movies.
Actually, there is another number:

4. It is called a BLU-RAY player and NOT a DVD player. HA HA HA

I am thinking maybe all blu-ray players just don't do so well with regular DVD movies.

When I tested out my regular DVD player which has the same 1080p output with HDMI connection, my regular DVD player out performed the video quality against the blu-ray player. I am still using the same movie "Twister" with Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt.
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I have this player feeding through an Elite 07 receiver then onto an Elite FD151 display. DVD's look better than they did with my old system but that's hardly a fair comparison. I saw very little, if any, difference between high dollar Audio Quest HDMI and my current Blue Jean HDMI cable.

If DVD's look worse than you previous player I'd guess there's a problem with the 05 player.
while the difference is clear(bluray v. dvd), it isn't like watching standard def TV(awful)vs. high def tv on my PS3. i'm leaning towards your player.
Alright, I found the problem. My TV picture setting was all off. My 3 year old girl must of push around the remote buttons and got everything messed up.

Once I put back on the original picture settings back on the TV, BAM, everything looks terrific!!!!

Picture is the clearest I have ever seen on a regular DVD movie.

So, it's not the HDMI cable, it's not the blu-ray player or the receiver.