Pioneer Elite DV-47A

Has anyone had any experience with this machine? Is this thing a "jack of all trades, master of none", or does it really do everything well? I'm looking to get into SACD, but also wouldn't mind upgrading the current entry-level Toshiba DVD player, maybe pulling the old Pioneer Elite CD player/PS Audio converter out - yes, space and the WAF are unfortunate considerations here.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I bought 1 three weeks ago and out of the box it sounded like hell, sizzling highs, bloated bass,and no low level midrange detail (listening to onboard dacs straight to analog hybrid tube preamp). I put a burn in disc on and let it burn in for 2 weeks 24/7, and the unit improved considerably. I then tried hooking to Integra Research RD-7 and also a Lexicon MC-12B using the processors internal dacs, and am getting respectable sound. You will need a processor with 6 channel audio inputs (like the Integra Research or Lexicon), and analog direct. I have yet to try an SACD (don't have any), and will shortly compare the DV-47A to my DV-38A, which does not have SACD, but does have DVD audio. The unit is much smaller and lighter than the DV-38A, more like the Toshiba units. There have been mixed reviews on its audio capabilities, but be sure to do a long burn in.
The only reasonably-priced universal format player in town right now. Doesn't have the build quality of the 38A. Also, the Pioneers are afflicted with the chroma bug - you may or may not see it. Very irritating if you do, blissful ignorance (in the best sense of the word) if you don't.
Dan Wright of Modwright,LLC ( will be offering a series of modifications to improve the DV-47a both as a transport and as a stand alone SACD/ DVD-A player. The DV-47a plays SACDs in their native PWM format without converting to PCM. As of this time, there are no external SACD (PWM) D/A converters. I believe, though I am not sure, that to play multi channel SACD, the unit outputs a converted PCM signal which can be fed to a multi channel processor.
It will be fed into a B&K AVR305. I will have to sniff around and see how good a fit these two components would be - I must admit most of my knowledge is two-channel, so the learning curve may be a bit steep...