Pioneer PL-L1000

Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with the Pioneer PL-L1000? Any typical issues that I may have to deal with down the road? And finally, if the overhang gauge is not included, is there a good way to set the overhang?
Thanks in advance.
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A friend of mine had this unit, brought new, and had major maintenance problems with it. Could be sample specific, but in the used market it is hard to tell what its functionality would be. As always, all is relative to the price you paid. If your thinking of buying, it must be a unit you can pick up and listen to before closing the sale.
I'm using a Pl-L1000A which is somewhat more rare,and uses a carbon fiber arm.I have a Shure M97xe cartridge.The combo is one the best sounding tables I've ever had.I like linear trackers.( I've had B&O 4002/8000,Revox 790/795,Sony Biotracer)and this is far better than all of them.It operates flawlessly.That being said,I might be selling it since I don't have many albums left.To set the overhang on linear trackers,have the stylus line up with the center of the spindle.I don't have the guage either,but it's really not necessary.How do you like your table?
Thanks for the replies. I haven't bought it yet, I've been in "negotiations" with the seller for a couple days.