Pioneer PLX 1000 ancestry

I've read elsewhere that the well regarded[at least on this forum]Pioneer PLX 1000 is a rebadged Reloop 7000, or even a Stanton ST 150. Opinions?.
-1 invictus005! The PLX1000 is not a cheap piece of cr*p as you seem to think! You vote for Trump, eh? Just wait until we have a worldwide depression because of his idiotic tariff plan! Smoot- Hawley all over again!
What does Trump have to do with this? Is he responsible for Pioneer defrauding Technics? That would be news to me...

If anyone’s interested in the SL-1200, just buy the SL-1200. Not only is it still in current production, but there are hundreds of thousands of them available for sale on the used market at any given day.

Purchasing the PLX-1000 either shows complete ignorance (Raul’s favorite word) on even the most basic level, or intentional support for piracy. Neither is a good thing.
I also own Pioneer PLX-1000. Is it better than my SP10mk3 or Exclusive P3. No.

But, in its own right, its a bloody good sounding turntable for folks who do not want cheap Rega’s, VPI’s, Project and alike. It will wipe the floor with these tables.

Its also available new for less than a used SL1200 and arguably provides a better balanced sound.