Pioneer SX-5590 receiver

I happened to come across a few audio components up for sale by the original owners widow just wanting to clear her home of her late husband’s clutter as she put it .

Among the stuff was a Pioneer SX-5590 stereo receiver she explained while living in Europe in the 1970s her husband purchased it new and kept it all these years .

Long story short , i found the receiver to very attractive I took it to my tech guy he found the receiver to be in original condition and in remarkably good condition for its age , he serviced it replacing electrolytic capacitors to alignment of the tuner section ect ect .

I have the receiver in my home office driving a pair of TeKton speakers using a music server and dac I am thrilled with the sound quality with the marriage between the receiver and speakers , playback is the best I’ve heard the TeKton Lore speakers put out,  I would never have imagined a vintage receiver from the 1970s would out perform a $6000.00 integrate I previously used with the TeKton speakers .I am absolutely thrilled with the Pioneer SX-5590 .


Winoguy im not sure yet if the speaker load is just reacted more favourably to the extra 60 watts per channel overall just a better match , the first thing I noticed how much tighter and deeper the bass goes with certain tracks . When I first laid eyes on the Pioneer receiver I was immediately taken by it , my thoughts were just to have it as a electronic art piece it certainly grabs attention of most of my clients some weren’t even born in the 70s.

Roxy the integrate is a good one with a long stable history in the audio industry to be fair I do not want to come across as bashing the brand or having some other misguided notion .

I’ve invited a friend over to check out my new receiver, I’ll switch between integrate and receiver and simply ask with one he prefers. I’ll let you both know .

Going into this my friend was not aware of my preference the Pioneer receiver over a Accuphase 280 integrate . There was more to his visit then to look at some old receiver.

The TeKton speakers are fairly efficient into a steady 8 ohms and very easy to drive . The pioneer rated at 160 watts per channel into 8 ohms and the Accuphase rated at 90 per channel into 8 ohms the Pioneer driving the TeKton speakers took on a whole different sound signature , pleasing to the ears with spectacular well defined bass thunder I had no idea the speakers we’re capable of .My friends preference is the Pioneer. 

Anyway the Accuphase is a fine integrate likely better suited with another brand of speakers .