Placement of Components

I've read that the ideal placement of components is on a side wall (not between speakers).  I am wondering if this applies to turntable set-ups only or across the board to all components? I am guessing that having a turntable between the speakers will degrade the sound quality due to the vibrations that the turntable cartridge picks up from the speakers?  Would a streamer have the same issue if it was placed between the speakers?  

I am running a Musica Pristina A Cappella III > Denafrips Terminator + > Asthetix Calypso Eclipse Preamp that are are on a side wall on a basic Salamander Archetype rack and are connected using a 25 ft. XLR runs of the World's Greatest Cables ( about $100 on Amazon) to Audio Mirror Reflection 45 SET mono blocks into Cornwall IVs. There is also an Intel NUC running Roon in the next room.  I am wondering if the long run of my modest XLRs are limiting my sound quality and I would be better of placing my components between my speakers and buying higher quality XLRs.  25 ft. runs of high quality XLRs are prohibitively expensive but I could swing one or two meters of higher quality XLRs (i.e. Cardas, Kimber, etc.) if it makes sense to place my components between my speakers.

Or maybe it's just six of one; half a dozen of another?  Any thoughts from those of you that have experimented with both set-ups in a balanced system would be appreciated. 


@bgchz  Placement in the center is acceptable, but generally the more free space you can have between and around the speakers, the better they will image. While there may be some that will say they move their gear away from between their speakers to reduce vibration, that vibration can also be reduced with better racks. IMO the real benefit is to allow the speakers, especially mids and high frequencies, to breathe with minimal reflection. This is also why many people opt for low racks, or simply place their amp(s) in the center with the rest of the gear out of the way. 

But every room is different. Sometimes putting gear on the side wall will result in more vibration to the gear, so it could be a tradeoff!

It is a bit dependent on your system… but in most cases center placement interferes with imaging and therefore is better off to the side… or even better yet completely out of the soundstage.

My Apogee ribbon speakers did not seem to mind my equipment in the center… but when I switched to dynamic speakers, it sure did. My soundstage goes way back into the wall now… with the equipment out of the way (only amps in center… see my UserID). When it was in the center, it destroyed the soundstage completely where it was.

@tablejockey Good advice!!!
Basically, my concern is that using a pair of cheapish long run XLRs in order to have my components placed on a side wall is creating a bottle neck in my system. 


Not true. Placement in the center is fine

Agreed, I’ve heard excellent sounding audio systems set up either way. Now a large bulky cabinet,,furniture or big TV screen could potentially impact the sound.



Try throwing a blanket over your stereo rack and you'll understand why this is true.  :)

I'm forced to do this today but there is no doubt if I could remove the rack from between the speakers it would sound better.  Free standing acoustic panels on either side of the rack can help.