Placement of Components

I've read that the ideal placement of components is on a side wall (not between speakers).  I am wondering if this applies to turntable set-ups only or across the board to all components? I am guessing that having a turntable between the speakers will degrade the sound quality due to the vibrations that the turntable cartridge picks up from the speakers?  Would a streamer have the same issue if it was placed between the speakers?  

I am running a Musica Pristina A Cappella III > Denafrips Terminator + > Asthetix Calypso Eclipse Preamp that are are on a side wall on a basic Salamander Archetype rack and are connected using a 25 ft. XLR runs of the World's Greatest Cables ( about $100 on Amazon) to Audio Mirror Reflection 45 SET mono blocks into Cornwall IVs. There is also an Intel NUC running Roon in the next room.  I am wondering if the long run of my modest XLRs are limiting my sound quality and I would be better of placing my components between my speakers and buying higher quality XLRs.  25 ft. runs of high quality XLRs are prohibitively expensive but I could swing one or two meters of higher quality XLRs (i.e. Cardas, Kimber, etc.) if it makes sense to place my components between my speakers.

Or maybe it's just six of one; half a dozen of another?  Any thoughts from those of you that have experimented with both set-ups in a balanced system would be appreciated. 


Placement away from the speakers is good for imaging, but this can be mitigated by moving the equipment towards the front wall - assuming the speakers are some distance forward of it. Placement between the speakers does allow for shorter (cheaper) cable runs, freeing up budget for, for example, better racks.

Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. If nothing else, this is a good audio therapy session 😊


Thank you for explaining in a much clearer fashion the points I was trying to make. We often get hung up on audio rules that are little more than rumors. The fun part of this hobby is assembling a sound system that is pleasing to our personal tastes. I have a friend who just put together an entire system for less than $1000. He brought over a very expensive LP he had just purchased and wanted me to hear it on my system. After about 30 seconds he declared that it sounded much better at his place. And he did this while leaning on the outside of my left speaker while facing the wrong direction. The bottom line is he is fully satisfied with his system which puts him miles ahead of most of us.

I learned many years ago height is most important aspect of placement regardless where located, keep it low!