Placement tips for Synergistic Research HTFs

I just bought 15 HTFs and will also be making about a dozen of Ozzie's homemade models.  While I will re-fresh myself with SR's placement tips, and I get that I will have to do some experimenting to tailor the HFT effect to MY listening room; are there any "Advanced HFT Placement Tips" some of you would like to share with us?  Something that might be overlooked by many of us?  Or maybe, just a good rule-of-thumb tip for someone just starting to use these?
The tips could be tips for bring out more highs, solidifying the bass response, placement hi vs low, in front of vs behind speakers, on side walls, at reflection points, behind the listener, on the ceiling above the equipment or above the listener, on the equipment.
Any ah-ha that you would like to share?  I would also be very interested in hearing from people using Magnapans.


With the help of all of your 230+ tweeds  🙈 and lots of listening, I have reached a very good result.

I am only using DIY brass "Ozinators" (no SR HFT´s).

As a last step I am thinking of inserting a crystal into the "Ozinators". Has any of you made experience with adding crystals to your "Ozinators"?

If yes, did hear any audible difference?   

I have had over 24 HFT's.  The only ones I have left are the ones on the ceiling and the only reason I still have those is I can't reach them.  Save your money.  

It seems like you have lost interest in the topic "Synergistic Research HTFs and DIY alternatives or ??

I just have one question; have some of you by accident or deliberately destroyed a SR HTF and possibly found out what is inside the HFT´s, if anything at all?