Planar Speakers and Diffusors

I have the Clarisys Speakers. They are the Planar type. I would like to treat the wall behind the speakers. I have been told not use any type of sound absorber, so I am interested in the GIK Acoustics Q7d Diffusor

I have a large 85" TV in between the speakers, so the only area that can be treated is behind the Planers. Check out my systems page.

I have yet to find a review of these diffusors, so has anyone used these and can comment on the effectiveness?



You got a fantastic question from Duke - what does the speaker manufacturer recommend ? i would email them photos and a dimension sketch.

Personlly, i like wood Quadratic Residue diffusers and a you might consider a combination diffuser / absorber on slides to cover the TV. Core Audio Designs make a lovely version. A blanket… is a start but is NOT remotely broad band or linear….

Thanks, guys, for the help.

GIK did send me an email based on the pictures I sent them of my room, but their suggestions were all over the map. A one-to one conversation needs to be scheduled and they say they are booked out for the next month. Plus, it took many days before they even responded to a question via their website or email. So, I guess working with them is out.

The dealer suggests diffusors behind the speakers or nothing else. No sound absorbing material. The speaker designer also attends the shows with the dealer, so I think they are on the same page as to room treatments. Believe me I had a whole room full of Tube Traps, Stillpoint Apertures and they deadened the sound. So, I sold them all.

I would like to try something, (I guess I am bored?)

Quadratic Residue diffusers? What is the difference in performance between them and the slat type diffusors?


@ozzy you should also look into ATS Acoustic's QRD diffusers.  They're similar to GIK's, but they're a better value (lower cost per square foot of wall coverage).  They will also custom make them in any height you want for a minimal upcharge.

Another option are GIK's polycylindrical diffusers (they call them Polyfusors).  They will give you a little bit of bass trapping since they're filled with insulation.  I just installed a pair of these behind my Maggies. 

Have you measured the room?  You may wan to start with bass traps.  I just installed floor to ceiling traps in three of my corners and the result was jaw dropping.  Bass traps should not dull the sound if you get the type that reflect mids and highs.  Getting the bass decay times under control is the first order of business imo.



My room is 17 X 26 X 8. Center to center speaker is 138" they are 60" from the front wall and 30" from the sidewall, and I sit 144" from the speakers.

I have 4 JL-F-113 subs in the corners that are calibrated to the room and crossed over at 45hz.

I just visited the ATS website, and their prices are comparable to GIK. All the different types of diffusors are confusing.


Hi @ozzy, 60 inches distance from the wall behind them is exactly what I would recommend.  More would be nice, but 60 inches will do the job very well.

I use often fake Ficus trees for diffusion.  A real diffusion panel would be superior, but unfortunately I don't know which one to recommend.