Planar Speakers and Diffusors

I have the Clarisys Speakers. They are the Planar type. I would like to treat the wall behind the speakers. I have been told not use any type of sound absorber, so I am interested in the GIK Acoustics Q7d Diffusor

I have a large 85" TV in between the speakers, so the only area that can be treated is behind the Planers. Check out my systems page.

I have yet to find a review of these diffusors, so has anyone used these and can comment on the effectiveness?




I have considered the fake plants. However, I still have alot of cabling behind the speakers, so the real estate is limited.



I have a separate thread about the Michi 8’s under "Members Review".

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Check it out.


@ozzy - It’s interesting that you get the best sound with the speakers 60" from the front wall. That’s exactly what the Cardas calculator for dipoles recommends for your room dimensions (well, 59.28" to be exact).

Try the diffusers, and let us know what you hear.  Generally speaking, I've read here and elsewhere that absorption is better on the front wall (behind the planars).  I have tried everything from nothing at all, to slight absorption, to full absorption (but never diffusion), on the front wall. 

The absorption does change the character of the sound, but I would describe it as more precise, more detailed, with better imaging.  Without absorption, there is quite a bit of sound that bounces off the front wall, and distorts the precise soundstage.  But it does sound "brighter" without absorption, so if your system sounds dull, then perhaps, no absorption will be better, although perhaps the musical imaging will be slightly more blurred.  

Experiment with your ears, and find out what's best for your system and your room.


Thank you for your comments.

I think the claim to fame for these Clarisys speakers is their wide-open soundstage, anything that inhibits that will change the design.

To try any type of diffusor unit(s) would cost about $1000 to cover about a 4-foot area.

And most mount differently. I would need to put a hole(s) in the wall to mount them. I’m not opposed to it, but there are several different diffusor types, along with different sizes. So, I would prefer to have more knowledge, before entering the path of wall Swiss cheese and trial and error.