Planars/ Electrostats benefits over box speakers?

I always been fascinated by Martin Logan and Magneplanar speakers. I have heard one or two models of both over the years. Would like to get some input from owners of "planar speakers" as what sound quality benefits do they offer over a floorstander, especially in the area of overall smoothness.

Are there any planar models of either company that have a small footprint and are not monolithic in height, but still sound very good???
"I've heard lots of sub-$100k box speakers, but I've yet to hear one that sounds as life-size as a $5k Magneplanar. Sorry if that pisses you off!"

It doesn't piss me off. I don't have any of these problems.


I have yet to understand something you say.

"We actually don't even hear the spreaker (well, your not supposed to, and thats how it is in my system)"

What exactly do you think a speaker is? And does?
My experiences go too far back and are not current enough other than a few of the newer Martin Logan designs AND a pair of Quad 2905s that a friend owns. On a further note I was recently talking to my dealer/friend who has owned Soundlabs and been a fan of the virtues of planer/electrostatics while realizing their shortcomings and attends many shows. He recently got back from Newport and was absolutely enthralled with the Roger Sanders designed ESL w/integrated woofer that he claimed was virtually seemless with the panels. If that is the case it would certainly be one to investigate further. I've noted it with a recent ML, can't remember the model # but about 15K a pair, certainly an improvement over past efforts but still less than perfect to my ears, YMMV.

The points made in the early posts by Onhwy61, Mapman and Marty should be noted. There is PLENTY of variation between the Planer/Electrostatic/Ribbon (Apogee) designs that I've listened to over the years that things can't be simply categorized or explained in words other than to listen first hand, there is no other way around this. The discussion of differences between Planer/Electrostatic/Ribbons could fill a book, adding dynamic speakers into the comparison equation, volumes.

I certainly would agree on one point "that isn't talked about enough", panels (Maggies in particular) can provide a lifelike image size that, to me, can draw you in. Now to their drawbacks. It's subjective and only you can determine what works. Brownsfan's example as a longtime Maggie owner that went to a dynamic speaker is telling about the subjectivity among listeners. Great comments above to give better insight.
Cone speakers I've owned-Klh,JBL L65,Mirage M3si, Vandersteen 2 c,Rogers LS 3/5a,Mission 770,Tannoy Arden, Merlin MMxe,Ref 3a Grand veena, Vr4,Meadowlark Heron I,and more.

Planars- Mag.sma, Acoustat3 medallion,Martin logan sequel, CLS 2Z,Quad 63, stacked Quad 57,Acoustat monitor X with direct drive servo amps.

I've always gone back to planar speakers .

I like the smack of cones, but multi drivers usually start to wear on me.

I much prefer a more seamless presentation, which is what planars give me.
Zd - you do not hear any sound coming from my speakers in my room. The soundstage just floats.

If a rig is set up properly, you should not hear any music coming from the speakers (sitting in the sweet spot). They need to dissappear. If they don't, youre not done.
"06-21-15: Cerrot
Zd - you do not hear any sound coming from my speakers in my room."

I know. I told you not to buy anything until your country gets electricity. What did you expect?