Plasma motion artifacts with satellite TV

I have motion artifacts with sports (hockey, people moving)
on my Sony TS2 plasma TV and satellitt TV. Is this a defect needing repairing? I see much larger blocks of pixels when it blurs.

The problem you describe sounds like a signal degredation issue, not a display issue. I had similar experience with digital cable and the cable company came out, checked my signal and promptly replaced the cable coming into my house. The pixelization ceased as soon as the cable was replaced.

I have a Plasma display and don't see any serious motion issues.


I should have been more specific in my response. Extremely fast motion may be somewhat blurred with a plasma display, such as a camera pans the faces of the fans in a stadium, but not to the extent you describe
I have a Pioneer PDP433CMX. After downloading the service manual, I discovered a few hidden service menus. One of the options was to select the HD source resolution. It was factory set to 750P and 1125I. After changing the setting to 720P and 1080I the picture was slightly better. Other countries use 525I/P,750P, and 1125I instead of 480I/P,720P 1080I.