plasma versus lcd

If you had the choice between a 32 inch plasma screen and a 32" lcd, which would you take? What are the pros and cons of these formats?
I have bought a new plasma - Pioneer 433CMX. I think plasmas, especially the last generation are much improved. They do not look 'pixelated' except with a really poor source, such as regular cable. I think progressive scan DVD's look nothing short of amazing. Better than a movie theatre. Yes, black can be a little washed out (see info. on calibration below) - often times the plasmas come adjusted too bright, etc from the factory.

As far as burn in is concerned, if you vary your sources, use different aspect ratios, etc - it's a non-issue.

Plasmas also need to be adjusted, using the Avia DVD and maybe even have a professional calibration done by an ISF tech, but all of these screens should have that done.

If plasma prices keep coming down, RPTV and LCD screens will be dead. Go with the plasma - you can even get a 42" plasma probably cheaper than an LCD. Look at Panasonic, Pioneer, and NEC. Although many nice things have been said about the new Sampo model.

Mr. Johnston, you may want to check out this forum: There are chat rooms for both Plasma, DLP, and LCD/rpt displays. Be sure to read the FAQ sections in each room. They are very helpful, and will answer a lot of questions that you may have. I am looking at 42/43" plasmas and the Sony GW XBR LCD/RPT 50" that is to be released this Ocotber. has the specs on the sony.

I have looked first hand at these displays and have to say that the Plasma's get the nod in picture quality over DLP and LCD/RPT sets, which are both nice. The plsama's when fed a quality progressive scan or HD sat image are breathtaking.

Hackmaster pointed out that one of the flaws with plasma is poor black levels. The older generation sets indeed suffered this. However the current genreation sets have outstanding blacklevels. The knock I have with LCD/RPT's is that the black level's are a real weakness. Currently Panasonic has a 40" and 45" LCD/RPT that suffers from weak black levels. The new Sony XBR's are said to have improved blacks due to inovative circuit designs. Only time will tell.

Pixelation in plasmas has been greatly reduce and in most of the sets from NEC, Pioneer, Panasonic, and Fujitsu, the onboard scalers do excellent jobs at presenting smooth images without image fragmentation.

Signal source is a key to good viewing on plasma's, as they really show the flaws inherent in poor signal quality provided by most cable companies. Beware the digital cable tag, as the signal is not a true digital feed comnpared to that of Direct TV, Dishnetowrk, or your local over the ari broadcasts (where available). This holds true for both LCD and DLP displays as well.

The consensus at the site is that the Panasonic's are the sets to beat, followed closely by the NEC's, Pioneer, Fujitsu, in no particular order. I am a couple of months out from pulling the triger on a plasma, and the time I have spent on has been invaluable consdiereing the capital investment.

Lastly, prices have fallen dramatically in the last 4-6 weeks on 42" plasma displays. The Pioneer 433CMX can be had for around $4,000 shipped from a number of very reputable on line retailers. I'll send you some links that you may find helpful.
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I saw the Zenith 61" plasma last week and it was impressive. They were selling it for $16K.
I own a 40" lcd rptv and a 42" plasma. IMHO the plasma kills the lcd in pq. Not even close. Like others have said though both have their own merits.
Personally, I have skepted myself with this questions many times until I have proven the difference in the long run, Plasma may have screen burn issue, but by far I noticed picture quality stands still, strikingly clear in any angle, definitely no color bleeding as LCD does. LCD on the other hand is quite more expensive, I have no idea why! truly to me, LCD panel is ideal to computer graphics period!, not so quite good in motion pictures or video. Watching movie on LCD is outstanding on CARTOONS but typical movie such as concert DVD most part suffers color bleeding between dark areas and reds and it's heartbreaking!
If you really into performance? I suggest plasma no matter what other's say!..but be very careful!.Plasma is not immune to extreme vibrations when hit! Once screen is defected, beleive me! ain't no such thing as will be fix unless warrantied to brand new one! Plasma glass screen is what's make it's sky high ranking price!.......LCD is immune to vibrations or even being drop that depends! I believed 97% of LCD being release are in good working condition rarely becomes defective, if so,mainly from manufacturers fault. LCD is safe considering around bad kids if something may occur but performancewise? I still prefer PLASMA on the wall.