Plastic ring over tweeter opinion

I was looking at the Mapleshade Audio website and they recommend:

"Remove your speaker's cloth or foam grill. Snip off any plastic phase ring in front of the tweeter. You'll hear as much as a 100% improvement in treble."

I wonder what members think of this "tweek" seems rather irreversible.
These are the same peo. who recommend sitting on the floor while listening. IMHO, they have a credibility issue like most tweakers.
Thanks, Zaikesman. I love the idea of sitting off-axis to your tweeter and putting your monitors closer to the floor to get more bass, and then snipping off the tweeter wave guide to get more treble. Gee, why dontcha just turn the freakin' volume up???
Can you say "more twinkle tweaking tweeter" fast 10 X's . If you can then I'll agree with that hocus pocus offered by mapleshady
I wanted to buy some of their maple platforms a few years ago cut to specific sizes to use in constructing a hardwood version of my Magro 24 stand. They couldn't guarantee accuracy better than ±.25".

One thing that seems consistent throughout their literature is that warmer is always better.