Platter upgrade for VPI MkIV?

I'm hoping some of you can answer these questions. I'm using the non-inverted bearing and a TNT II platter (acrylic/metal?, sandwich). Is the inverted bearing a significant upgrade and is the (new) Classic platter (aluminum/stainless) superior to the Superplatter? Is the inverted bearing a snug fit in the MkIV plinth? My bearing has a flange with 3 holes for small bolts to secure it to the plinth. The inverted bearing has one large nut on the bottom therefore it seems like it would need to fit snuggly in the cutout of the plinth.
I like the TNT MK III platter best, of all the VPI platters.

Cork, lead, aluminum, with acrylic top layer.  Oil well bearing, machined to perfection, that lasts forever.  No tilt or run out, spins true.  Simple, effective.

Indented center, with washer, for use with screw down clamp. Pushes record flat without dishing.

Acrylic tops mate better with vinyl, which is acrylic.

Balanced to perfection.  They made about 100 per year.

Cost $600 in the late 90's.  Would cost a fortune to make today.

Better than the later Super Platter IMO. The Super Platter could not be manufactured without problems.

I do not like metal on the top, because you can not see if the dust is cleaned off.

I upgraded my Mark II with a Mark V platter and bearing. The bearing upgrade required drilling bearing opening but found a precision machinist to do the job. I replaced the stock springs with Herbie's feet and got the correct height.

You can see the project progression here

I'm pleased with the upgrade. Still haven't bought a SAMA but still plan to do so.
When you call VPI next ask them about the Classic platter with the ceramic coating. They made a few of these around the time they were discovering the 3D arm, but never sold them openly. They are a stealth item, so to speak. The ceramic helps damp the all aluminum platter a bit, making it better to my ears.