plauged by off center image, am I insane?

It distracts me to no end when the image is off center. I'm not talking about early stereo recordings where spacing was spread out unnaturally, but when there is a fairly simple arrangement with vocal that you expect to be dead center in front of you. Some recordings are dead center, and then some are a just a little bit off center. Almost always to the right.

I also notice that whenever there is a featured soloist, if they aren’t centered they are displaced to the right.

I attribute this to the recording, not my system since some are dead center and some are not. I was wondering if I am the only one who has experienced this. I am pretty sure my speakers are set up properly and I’m not partially deaf in one ear.

Do you think it is me, or my system, or the recordings? Maybe the guy who mixed the recording was careless or has a hearing problem.
Its your system or you drive too much with the window down.

Just turn off the lights and it will be fixed in an instant.
Well, same thing in a concert hall except you are dead right in the middle in front of the stage. What's so disturbing with it? Plus there is some music (again you can witness it live!) when there's only little going on on the bass side! If your system - try some Test-CD - is balanced you shouldn't worry and just relax: music isn't always coming right from in front of you, is it? Happy season!
Use a test CD to discard system or room accoustic
effects. If it comes OK is the recording.
I notice the same thing,images a bit to the left, but I'm pretty sure it's just my room. The left speaker has a side wall about a foot away and the right speaker has open space. I'm sure that inbalances things, though it's not very severe and not all the time.
I used to have the same problem with the image slightly to the left. I just moved more to the right.