Playback Apps

My primary source is a Sony HAP-S1. Its playback app, "HDD Audio Remote," is misfunctioning. When I select a disc to play from "Albums" or "Artists," the software will endlessly repeat the first track. If I force it to play the second track, that tract will also endlessly repeat. Sony ES support didn’t know the source of the problem and suggested that I reset the machine to factory default settings.

I’m considering buying a replacement streamer/server. But one of the reasons I like the Sony software is a playback selection process, "SenseMe Channels." The app self-generates playlists by "mood," e.g., Morning, Night, Romantic, etc. We like the variety and rediscovering tracks that we don’t often play. Curiously, if I use "SenseMe," the machine does not endlessly repeat the first track from the list..

Does anyone know whether any other playback software for other server/streamers has a feature similar to SenseMe?

Thanks in advance.




Thank you for responding! I just looked at Spotify, and it comes close. It’ll self-generate playlists for a number of different “categories,” more categories than the Sony. But unlike the Sony, which creates the playlist from the tracks on its hard drive (i.e., my music), Spotify creates the playlist from its own music resources. I’m hoping to come across a controller app that will do what the Sony does.

An interesting side note is the Sony comes preloaded with Spotify, the only app it can play other than internet radio. When users like me have wondered why the HAP machines haven’t been updated to play more apps (Tidal, Qobuz, et al), we get reminded that the HAP machines are not really streamers, they’re pumped up iPods. 

I used Spotify quite a lot on my Iphone, but Samsung G Switch I'm not sure. I find Spotify very good to use on Apple.