Playing DSD files

I have a small but DSD-capable DAC (Topping E30ii), and many DSD files on my hard disk. I am trying Audirvana Origin (one month free trial). It is able to play my DSD files, and the sound is good. However, before I buy it, I would like to test Foobar2000, with DSD components / plugins, maybe the sound is equally good.  Yet I cannot get it to work. I’ve installed foo-component for dsd and sacd, but no sound, or even  error message: unrecognized format, trying to play my .dff files. Anyone knows a workaround? With Foobar, my DAC display shows PCM (up to 706), it does not show (correct) DSD, like it does with Audirvana.

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Given the current level of hassle with Foobar, if I was the OP I would just shell out for Audirvana, which in my past experience had pretty good support (the OP may want to investigate this during the trial period) or since this is a second system, bite the bullet for a relatively inexpensive streamer that does DSD, such as the iFi product.  If Foobar is this difficult to setup, consider what might happen down the road.  A software update of your computer OS might suddenly cause a malfunction, and then if you are back to square one you would like to be dealing with a product that was easier from the get go 

Thanks to all of you for discussion, and now to @mahler123 for comments. We are thinking along the same line. Quality companies like Audirvana deserve investment. I also hope Foobar comes with a better solution.


Audirvana on my Thinkpad T14 through Topping e30ii seems a good, portable and cost effective solution. Not sure, would an external iFi bring it further along. Maybe in my home office. 

@o_holter , Fidelizer has nothing to do with DSD. It optimizes playback by shutting down unwanted services and daemons running in the background. There is something more that it might be doin. You can go to their website and lookup.

Like I said, Foobar2000 is not for everyone. I can set it up and configure it in under 30 minutes due to the sheer amount of time I have spent on understanding and setting it up on 2 previous laptops before I installed and set it up on my server. On website they have a thread on T+A DAC 200 and how to use HQPlayer with that DAC. It is far too complex than Foobar2000, but is supposed to provide the best possible DSD listening experience. Seems like you can convert even Tidal and Qobuz to DSD 512 or 1024. I am thinking of going that route, some years from now.

Yes, thanks.

For now I will mainly lean back and explore Audirvana. With single or dual speed DSD, especially the latter, further tweaks may not be so much needed perhaps? Dont know. But the way direct DSD presents the music is really impressive.