Please Help!! looking to get into computer audio.

I am looking into exploring the computer audio format, I am a long time audio enthusiast. My Digital front end currently consists of a Oppo bd103 and a Bryston Bda 1 , I currently have the capability to stream my itunes library from my computer via bluetooth to my oppo player , but the sound quality is not up to my standards. Any suggestions on how to increase the sound quality would be great. Please consider that i am a newbie to this and a little confused with the formats of computer audio. Any solution would be appreciated thanks. I have been looking at the w4s remedy and or Blink or recovery. I am also considering just getting a wadia 171 ipod transport and just using my ipod. confused and not sure which route to take for best sound qaulity.

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You might want to look at a used Antipodes Audio DS server they are spectacular
and their customer service is incredible.
Sorry - correction

" And, sure, I would rather have an async usb DAC rather than a SYNC one. "

I am also a little confused by all this. I have a large LP/CD library. My turntable desperately needs upgrading but I have an excellent universal disc player (Ayre). I have an Oppo BDP-105D which is not such a great disc player to my ears but works fine with USB and streaming Tidal. Here's my dilemma: If a music download can't equal the sound I can get from a SACD or DVD-A then it's not worth bothering with to me. I have downloaded a couple of HD Tracks albums in FLAC 192/24 and they sound very good but the files are HUGE, more than 5 GB. My entire music catalog in this format would require an entire farm of HDD's which seems like a sideways shift from physical media. Secondly, these downloads are pretty pricey IMHO, especially when you consider I can pick up mint condition used LP's, SACD's, DVD-A's, and what-not from sites like Discogs. I know that everyone more knowledgeable than I are making the shift so I must be missing something.
Gee @dtc it took a lot of typing before you got what I was saying and got mad at me for it.

I like ASRC by the way, and buffering and stuff like that. I don’t think the engineers at Bryston are crap. I just don’t think all jitter reduction solutions are equally good which is what I thought you wrote. There is a reason why the next generation incorporated Asynch-USB 2.0

I’m very happy that over the past decade or so Asynch-USB and high resolution audio have become so important that Macs and Linux now incorporate a standard USB 2.0 audio driver as part of their distributions. This is much better than the dark ages of Synch-USB or Asynch but with custom drivers needed.