Please help me chose a tube preamp

I have an opportunity to buy an  Aesthetix Calypso Line Stage amp, I need to know what you all think of it, please.
I do not want to buy something based on reviews of high end audio publications, for I do not want to make the same mistake when I bought Totem model one, Triangle Titus, Audio Research LS3B. All  of these  were a major disappointment for me. 

There is a VTL TL 2.5 available as well, for less then half the price tag of Aesthetix.
I have a Levinson 431 power amp that  will be paired with the selected preamp.

Anyone have any experiences with this Aesthetix and VTL?

I heard a pair of ProAc's with Aesthetix amp and pre- I don't remember which model- but they sounded excellent. I don't think you would go wrong with that manufacturer.
Another manufacturer, Atma-Sphere, makes a killer preamp. My MP-3 is everything I could want.
You mentioned 'disappointment' with some other products. I too have had some of these, and they truly where awful.

I'm going to ask you two weird questions. If you answer yes to both, the Calypso or the Atma-Sphere are perfect for you.

If you answer yes to both, private message me (you are part of the 'golden ear' group). I don't want to offend anyone by having an open discussion.

1) can you parallel park easily? Yes?, or do you avoid it like the plague, no.

2) when you where younger, did you pause before printing/writing 'b's and 'd's, 'p's and 'q's, or 'm's and 'n's.?
You can do better than Aesthetix.  My limited experience was a friend who had three Aesthetix preamps over about a year.  He had strange issues with each and every one of them.......channels dropping out, eating tubes quickly, noise, leds going out......etc etc.
Get an Atma-Sphere, ARC, CAT if you can
I owned a Calypso and purchased based on reputation.I was under whelmed with the performance.Replaced with an Audio Horizons TP 20r which was audibly superior in every aspect of musical presentation.
I'm not bashing the Calypso,it simply didn't meet my needs.