Please help me decide...

Hello to all...

Money is always tight so I'm a real budget audiophile (unless I believe the piece is SO incredible for what I'm getting: example JOB INT integrated amp) so since I can spend up to $445 for My Christmas present, I'd like to improve the sound of my game room/ kitchen-dining space system.

I presently have a 2002 Pioneer DV-37 CD/DVD player with Silnote Audio Morpheus interconnects, playing into a Monoprice Hybrid Stereo tube amp (50w  with 2- 6N2 (=12AX7) and 2- 6P1 (=6AQ5); speaker cables are twisted 14g solid-core copper wire, biwired with bare wire ends. Speakers until recently were a pair of JBL L25 PRIMAs but are being swapped-out for KEF Q1s, presently w/o sub.

OPTIONS: Should I:

Buy a new SS Yamaha, Denon or NAD Integrated, or some other vintage SS integrated?

Or should I buy new tubes for the Monoprice ? And add a BIC Subwoofer?

Or should I buy a Vintage Marantz SA-8001 SACD Player (which is what I have in my main system, with the JOB INT).

Or what? Your thoughts please...

I know Monoprice at one time sold an amp in which the tubes were nowhere in the signal path. They were just for looks. Might do some research and make sure this isn't the case with your model before shelling out coin for new tubes. 

Denon and Yamaha are both making integrateds of excellent value these days. I doubt you could go wrong with either and your KEFs could probably use the additional power. I've gotten great results using my $400 Yamaha with $5K+ speakers. Sure, a $2K amp will outperform it but not by the margin you might imagine, really only 15% or so.

Don't waste money on cables, especially at the level of gear you're working with. That's about the worst thing you can do in your situation. Put all your funds where it really matters: amp/speakers/room treatments. I've yet to encounter a system bottle-necked by inexpensive cables. The room and system/listener positions within the room are most often the greatest hindrance to performance. Really can't stress that enough. 

millercarbon considering trying a speaker cable - JW Audio...

Power cord is older Silnote Audio Morpheus...


I agree with you: best to buy for the future. Leaning towards Yamaha or Demon integrated or even an AV receiver with multiple channels so I could Bi-wire and Bi-amp, and eventually move to music server: Yamaha A-S70, Pioneer SX-N30, Demon Pma-800 NE, Onkyo9110, Parasound 275v.z - ?

Buy a quality 2-channel integrated. The Yamaha A-S501 is a good one at your budget, has built in DAC. You could use your disc player as a transport into the DAC if it has coax or toslink output.
I think adding a sub will give you the biggest improvement at your budget.  I like the SVS SB-1000.

Good luck!