Please help me decide...

Hello to all...

Money is always tight so I'm a real budget audiophile (unless I believe the piece is SO incredible for what I'm getting: example JOB INT integrated amp) so since I can spend up to $445 for My Christmas present, I'd like to improve the sound of my game room/ kitchen-dining space system.

I presently have a 2002 Pioneer DV-37 CD/DVD player with Silnote Audio Morpheus interconnects, playing into a Monoprice Hybrid Stereo tube amp (50w  with 2- 6N2 (=12AX7) and 2- 6P1 (=6AQ5); speaker cables are twisted 14g solid-core copper wire, biwired with bare wire ends. Speakers until recently were a pair of JBL L25 PRIMAs but are being swapped-out for KEF Q1s, presently w/o sub.

OPTIONS: Should I:

Buy a new SS Yamaha, Denon or NAD Integrated, or some other vintage SS integrated?

Or should I buy new tubes for the Monoprice ? And add a BIC Subwoofer?

Or should I buy a Vintage Marantz SA-8001 SACD Player (which is what I have in my main system, with the JOB INT).

Or what? Your thoughts please...

millercarbon considering trying a speaker cable - JW Audio...

Power cord is older Silnote Audio Morpheus...


I agree with you: best to buy for the future. Leaning towards Yamaha or Demon integrated or even an AV receiver with multiple channels so I could Bi-wire and Bi-amp, and eventually move to music server: Yamaha A-S70, Pioneer SX-N30, Demon Pma-800 NE, Onkyo9110, Parasound 275v.z - ?

Buy a quality 2-channel integrated. The Yamaha A-S501 is a good one at your budget, has built in DAC. You could use your disc player as a transport into the DAC if it has coax or toslink output.
I think adding a sub will give you the biggest improvement at your budget.  I like the SVS SB-1000.

Good luck!

Among the integrated or receivers you mentioned, I like the Parasound best - they have exciting warm sound to them.

I would stay with 2 ch. amp rather than surround receiver - they do music better in my humble opinion.

If you want to go with surround receiver, I got an almost flag ship Yamaha one for so little money and enjoyed it a lot - gave it to my sister when I got adcom separates. You can get incredible deals on vintage upscale surround sound receivers on eBay these days - Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Kenwood Sovereign, etc. I got my Yamaha for far less than $200 and it was originally thousands of $!