Please help me find the right digital player

Hi all,

I am looking for a digital player that has HDMI out so that song selection and album art is available via remote control on my flat screen. My lowly NeoTV (similar to an Apple TV) does just that, (and supports 24/192 gaplessly, to boot!). It doesn’t matter if the solution has an integrated HDD, or just accepts my USB HDD. But I am looking for something better.

The Bryston, Auraliti and Sonore have the SQ that I would want for my Maggies, but they don’t have HDMI out, and require a small iPad/iPhone for remote control. The SB Touch’s screen is just too small for these old eyes, (besides, it works best when networked, rather than with a standalone USB, as I have). The Olive doesn't quite work either.

Also, I don’t need a ripping solution. I just need 24-192 playback.

The NeoTV sounds surprisingly good via optical to my DAC. And I know that it would benefit from something like the Synchromesh, but I am looking to upgrade it altogether.

Does such an animal exist? I haven’t found one…

Any ideas?

Thanks so far! I really appreciate it...

But for clarification, I am looking for a file player, not a disc player like the Sony or Oppo.

Any other ideas?
The user interface on the Oppo for playing digital audio files is pretty limited, especially for a large library.

Honestly, I am not sure what you want exists, except in the form of a Blur-Ray player or a computer. HDMI is just not part of the audio scene.