Please help. Need solutions for monitor stands and speaker terminal adapters

hi sports fans!
I am considering the latest itteration of Joseph Audio Pulsars.

I found out they do not come with stands.

nor do they accept banana connections, only spades.

my ‘go to’ speaker cables (Syn Research Sig 10 active) are all bananas, of course.

anyone owning Pulsars that have found great stands for these speakers that don’t cost a couple appendages yet?

i was told the stands ought to be about two feet tall. other than that I’ve no clue on who to look at that offers stands for loudspeakers lately that aid or boost performance.

likewise, are there ‘quality’ e.g., audibly transparent adapters I can afix to the speaker terminals or my ‘all banana’ cables so I don’t have to have them reterminated?

your input here on these two matters would be a huge help.

Thanks much!  


many thanks for the nod on the adapters. thinking further here I'm concerned about degredation or impediments on the signal integrity and likely should have my current cables reterminated.. though for expediancy sake these adapters seem the right way right now.

now for a serious stand solution less that laying out a grand for the SA stands.... i'd not be opposed to throw that much into them provided it could be proven these were clearly the best synergistic addition to the speakers. although I'd not be too happy to do it. lol
I prefer metal stands that can be filled.  Sanus sf22 are pretty decent for the $ but they are pretty time consuming to fill up.

Snag some iso acoustic iso pucks to put between the speakers and speaker stands.

My opinion and best results come from a heavy, stable, stand and then decouple the speakers from the stand.  Speakers that are attached to a vibrating platform will in return vibrate and you will have tonal colorations as well as a loss of clarity.

Good luck and enjoy the JA’s!  Great speakers!

OK... the thoughtful input here is sincerely appreciated!

here is what I've choasen to go with ... 

cardas bayonent to spake adapters via Amazon. $80 per set of four. need two sets for bi wire

Sound anchor  four post stands. $868 with a six week wait time. ouch.

both items reccomended highly via the speaker maker and the dealership selling them.

I made this choice going with a tried and true proven solution rather than start shuffling in and out stands, or never  knowing the full potential of the Pulsar graphines.

thanks to one and all for their time, and contributions. jim