Please Help T3F problems

I really Miss my Goldmund Studio/T3F

As soon as I turn the table on the toneearm drives straight to the spindle risking my Kouetsu Onyx cartridge. It did this to me years ago and I found that by repeatedly turning it off and on I eventually got it to work and I just left it turned on. That worked for awhile but now it will not come out of that mode.

I have a Krell, Apogee Fullrange, Suprateck system and cds just aren't cutting it.

If anyone has any experience with this, Id really appreciate any assistance 



Thanks in advance for any help



I wasn't able to spend much time there yet. I dint see anything on the first go round but I'm going back in for a better look this weekend.

@scotchboy said:

My preference is to fix the T3F. I know it sounds fantastic on my system

You’ve done remarkably well to keep a T3F in service all these years. As I recall back around the mid 80's when Harry Pearson had the Goldmund tables in house at Sea Cliff the T3F was a constant source of frustration with issues similar to what you describe.

It's been a long time since I thought about the T3F. Back in 1980 or so it was the turntable to buy at Sound Components in Miami where I worked. The turntable is ace except for one problem, the tonearm. We had a lot of trouble with them doing odd things like the OP mentions but it's major downfall from a sonic point of view was or is that the tonearm's chassis rings. If you take the table into an adjoining room it sounds much better. It is a beautiful turntable. Removing the arm is going to leave scars and holes on the surface. What I would do is make a thin tonearm board out of a rosewood and cover that side of the table with it than drill the hole for the new arm. A Schroder CB would be perfect and it only requires a 1"hole. The cord comes out underneath so it will not interfere with the dust cover. The look of the arm matches the table.