please help! which turntable , michell gyro se ,, pro ject rpm 10 carbon ,, avid diva 2 ?

this will be my first ever turn table setup , and i would appreciate any help and guideness 
i’m a multi genre music lover 
my audio system is for my standars good , capable to make u apreciate a good recording over a standar recording
i have a pair of dali ms5 speakers , edge nl10 amp, ps audio p10 power plan , benchmark dac 3 pre amp and good wiring all around , its a prety dynamic setup   

It doesn't look like your preamp includes a phono input stage so you'll also need to factor in the purchase of a separate one.  Given that this will be your first TT, you also will need to consider what level of $$ you want to put aside for a cartridge.  Some tables include one, good for first time buyers.

Did you have an all-in budget target for this analog front end?  Records cost too, but you knew that.  All this can be done on a modest budget, but going analog can get costly quick as your interest grows.

@jsm71 thanks for mentioning it ,, i’m aware of that ,, im planing to spend 2,500-3,000$ for a turn table , about 500$ for a tonearm , around 400-600$ for a cardridge , and i want to go with a tube phono and i’m thinking for the pro ject one ,, its around 500$ , and maybe update the tone arm wires for another 300$ ,, i have a set of good rca wires from phono to pre amp ,, so if the setup cost me 4000$ i will be really happy , but the max i can spend is 5000$
I  would certainly recommend a Well Tempered Amadeus. (Full disclosure: I have an Amadeus MkII for sale now, but you can research this for yourself for an objective indication of how good these tables are). 

Very musical tables and a great value. Another advantage: the table already has an excellent tonearm. Get the Amadeus and use the surplus to buy a VPI record cleaning machine and more records!

One more thing: if you do wind up spending $5k for a table, you are going to want a much better phono stage--probably an Allnic, Herron, or something on that level. Otherwise, you won't be hearing what your rig is capable of delivering. Just my two cents.

Good luck with your search.
@waltersalas i will definitely look into that , can u send me some pictures and some more info ? about the price , tonearm , wiring , thanks !!

I have an ad in the classifieds with pics, price, and information. I also sent you a link to the Well Tempered web site with lots of information about the Amadeus MkII. My suggestion would be to allocate a bit more for your phono preamp and a bit less for the table, regardless of what you choose to buy.

 For your first turntable, I would go with a complete package were everything is setup. I would also buy from a dealer if possible who will check the setup for you. ClearAudio  make a couple of these packages. Other manufactures do as well.

 I would definitely go with a better phono stage as well. You should decide what type of cartridge to help you choose a phono stage. Whether you want to go with a MM or MC and what output.

@lostbears thanks ! i allready know that buying everything is just the beginning ,, i have someone to help me with the setup , and i’m also willing to pay a specialist , i will do more research on the phonostage ,,, i thought of buying a clearaudio complete package , but i decided to go with a turn table that has more potential and to keep it for years , basically a nice platform that i will keep upgrading thru the years , im aware since is my first tt i will have to sacrifice a few cartridges before i get things right 
The Gyro can be upgraded over time with the ORBE platter and other amenities. It is a good table. I gave mine to my daughter as her first table and it continues to serve her well. Rega tonearm or the modded TechnoArm (rega modded by michell) is a reasonable first tone arm. Not a bad table to start with

Check out the Sota Jewel with Rega arm for under three grand. That will leave you another $2000 for a cartridge and phono preamp!
If you just want something that you can buy, set up, and not deal with aftermarket upgrades, I suggest the Pro-Ject Xtension 10. 
Agree with the SOTA Jewel suggestion by @yogiboy 
SOTA's are hitting their stride in that price range, and it's a good platform for you to build on in the future (swap-able arm boards for reasonable prices, etc). The suspension effectively isolates a lot of problems in your rack/floor, which would otherwise dictate extensive solutions for other TT designs. Choose a gorgeous wood that "does it" for you, and you'll cherish it for years. 
Another vote for SOTA here; one of the very best price-to-performance ratios out there.  You could even go to a Sapphire if you went for a refurbished unit (direct from the factory, BTW) or are patient and search the used market.  Superior performance, pretty and very reliable.

Good luck & happy listening!
I've had the pleasure of owning the Michell, several Avid's, VPI's, Regas and many more. Nothing I've owned, offers the sound, build, cost for package the the EAT C-Sharp with arm does. Plus its gorgeous looking.
@tom_hankins the EAT C-Sharp looks interesting ,, i would look into that , i allready requested a price from a dealer i know ,, thanks ! what phono stage u suggest me for that turntable ? 
They had a deal going for the table/arm and Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge going for $3500. It would take a phonostage with around 65db of gain to go with that. I'm using an Audionet PAM G2 with Audionet EPS G2 power supply.  Which is overkill for this table.

@tom_hankins i’m new to this and this might be a stupid question , but do i need the power supply if i have the Ps audio p10 power suply? 
Your P10 is a power conditioner or regenerator, different.
Most phonostages have a power supply built in them, mine does too, but i added a beefier outboard supply. 
What is your budget for a phonostage? 
@tom_hankins thanks for your time btw 
i was hopping not to spend more than 1500$ for a phono , i don’t mind buying a used one 
I'll avoid promoting either of the prior tables I've owned.  One eats too much of your budget, and the other is lower quality than what you are looking for.  I really like the EAT/Ortofon/JC3 suggestion.  Solid advice.
@tom_hankins @jsm71  that’s what i’m going for, thank you guys for the advice ! does the EAT c sharp comes with tomearm cables ? and if yes , do i need to update them ? 

It comes with a not very good "straight DIN to RCA" cable. I replaced mine with a Vagus 28s cable with same connections. Mesage me if you need any more help or info. Where are you located?
@tom_hankins thanks !! i live in new york , were can i send you a mesage ? here on this chat or there is an email or something ?   
I have to plug my Avid Diva II SP. It's outfitted with an SME 309 tonearm (table comes ready fit for SME) and sits atop a 3" thick maple block. I can't brag it up enough. I am completely confident that the table is audibly inert to anything that is added to it (cartridges, wiring, phono preamp, etc.). What I'm trying to say is that everything other than the table can be critically evaluated without concern for the table interfering. Avid suggests a factory refurb of it's bearing after 10 years, maintenance I doubt it will need.  In keeping with your original question, I couldn't recommend Avid more heartily. I'm certain mine will never be replaced.
Not a chance in H**L I’m buying a turntable until I find a decent one along the lines of Rega, EAT or Pro-Ject that has a simple BUILT-IN auto-lift or auto-stop at the end of the record. Not looking for auto return or auto cue. Seems that such a feature violates today's audiophile religion and political correctness. They had them in the 70’s when materials and manufacturing were not as sophisticated. Stupid!
There are several options for adding a auto-lift mechanism. The original Audio Technica AT6006a seems to be what they are all modeled around.  

Good Listening

@ yogiboy: Then I’ll wait for the cows and play high quality digital instead.

@ pbnaudio: Not doing an external auto lift mechanism. Had one on a Rega Planar 2 in the late 70s and the arm would shoot up with a thud when it worked accurately- which was less than three-quarters of the time...IF it stayed glued in place. Bought a Denon TT with an auto shut off and loved it until I stupidly decided to sell it off for an ear-bleeding Sony CD101.
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If you’re a digital person why bother with input on an analog thread?
Ok, so your talking about $4600 for everything. I would go with the following.
VPI Scout for $2100, with tonearm. Denon DL-130R cartridge, $400.
That leaves you $1600 for an excellent sounding, Quicksilver tube phono stage.
Leaves you $500 for some great LP's.
I have owned the above and it made me very happy for many years, until just recently when I found the table of my dreams. I will never sell the Quicksilver phono stage, and still shuttle in and out my Denon cartridge along wiTH Grado wood bodies, or Goldring Eroica.
Happy hunting.
The thorens td 240 in walnut, fully auto...sounds darn good, even with the stock om10. Its put away right now, as I own like 6 turntables. However, when the td 240 is in my rotation, its an enjoyable table that is built like a tank. Don't much care for a spaceship looking TT.